Zurfai 3.0 was probably the wildest hip hop dance battle I’ve ever experienced. Over 200 dancers battled it out for 8 hours at the Meralco Multi-Purpose Hall in Ortigas. There were 94 registrants alone in the Old School Category, so you can just imagine how long preselections were!

This is the third time that Unschooled hosted Zurfai, with the last one being in September 2012 (my first battle ever!). Like the last time, it was divided into three categories: Old School (popping, locking, bboying), New School (hip hop, krump, house, urban), and Femme (vogueing, waacking, dancehall, jazz funk). DJ Jazz Zamora spun for the night — a crazy accomplishment considering he was on his feet for eight hours but kept the crowd going and going until almost 2 AM!

Rounds were kept short to accommodate everyone, which was actually a good idea because rounds were very straight-to-the-point and quick. Even with the short round-length, there were still crazy match-ups that went down. In the Top 32 of the New School category, Ken Laput v. Torch Logronio were already put against each other and I swear I don’t think anyone in the room was able to breathe for that one minute. In Top 32 of Femme, AC Lalata v. Roz Manlangit was crazy as well.

In the end, the three champions were Poi Ariola for Femme, Jomattz Quiambao for New School, and Reflex Gotangco for Old School! Both Jomattz and Reflex were runners-up in their respective categories last Zurfai, but it’s great to see that they emerged as champions this year :)

The event was a huuuge success and it’s great to see 200 of the country’s best dancers under one roof, sharing one love. Learned a lot from this experience and motivated to battle more and learn more from the people that leave their hearts on the floor. So when’s the next battle?!?!?!

Check out more photos here.
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